Patient Admittance Process


(only in day call)

A patient coming to the General Hospital on a day-call, is first examined by a doctor of the emergency dept(ER). If deemed necessary for immediate admission, an Urgent ticket s given to the patient by the physician which is necessary for the admission at registration office.


(non-call days)

Applies for the days that the hospital is not on duty, but operates for planned admissions. The planned admission ticket is issued by the doctors of the hospital, after examining the patient in the Morning or Evening Outpatient Dept. The regular admissions are entered in a waiting list and the patient is notified by the Office of Patient Registration to be hospitalised. During their admission, patients must have their ID and Health Book issued by their insurance body. In the case of Emergency Admission all of the above information should be presented to the financial and the registration dept as soon as possible by the relatives of the patient. The patient during admission receives a laboratory test booklet and a Medication booklet that record the orders of the laboratory tests and the medication given by the hospital.


The physician signs the exit form of the patient after his treatment in the hospital. The exit form includes the laboratory test booklet and the medication which are delivered to the financial dept for the clearing (if not covered by insurance body). Phone communication with the Office of Patient Registration: 302413501172, 302413501173



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